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Easing into Elder Care

Posted by Thompson Von Tungeln | Mar 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

Elder care is a giant step for most families who go through the transition of an older loved one living on their own to living with assistance. Some transition well, yet others can become discouraged by the lack of complete freedom. To ease your loved one into elder care (and to reduce the burden on yourself as well) consider these three steps to take as you make the transition.

Ask for help. If you are becoming the primary carer for a parent or loved one, seek help from other friends, family, or those who've gone through the process. You don't have to be the only one caring for your loved one. Others can help with certain tasks or providing relief for you once a week or so. Be sure to value your own health and freedom by seeking help from others.

Encourage social activities. Many communities have provided seniors with social activities to connect them with other older people and to help them maintain social interaction. Whether through a community center, a church, an independent group, or a retirement home, check into activities your loved one can partake in to keep their spirits high. Also, organize family game nights or other personal activities that will keep them connected with family as well as those their age.

Communicate with doctors. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other medical personnel are a vital part of your loved one's life. If possible, accompany your loved one on doctors' visits and speak with the doctor about your loved one's health. Be willing to help with new medication, watch for side effects, better care for illnesses, and be an extension of the doctor in your home. As you stay current with their overall health, you'll be able to better help them live in ease.

Remember that you and your loved one are both transitioning in this time. You are caring for others, but also will be forced to take better care of yourself. Plan time for yourself and get others involved so the burden doesn't fall squarely on you. Also, make the needs of your loved one a priority in your life. Keep their spirits high by keeping them involved with the outside world. Also be a help to their doctor by being actively involved in their medical health.

Transitioning to full-time (or even part-time) care of an aging loved one comes with its challenges, but the benefits of spending time with someone you love and gleaning from their life wisdom is an invaluable opportunity to have.

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