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What Estate Plan Is Best for You?

There are numerous types of trusts available, depending on the specific circumstances you are facing. The following circumstances will effect the type of trust you may need:

  • The amount of heirs you have
  • Beneficiaries
  • Business interests
  • Taxes you have

At Thompson Von Tungeln, we are proud to have extensive experience in helping thousands of clients select the right trust for their needs. We have served California clients since 1977 and can help you, too.

When you work with our team, we will discuss, in detail, specifics about your estate, your wishes, and determine which type of trust or pour-over will could work for you and your needs.

We have had success with our clients in establishing:

  • Revocable living trusts: These trusts can be created and altered throughout your life and will transfer ownership at the time of death. In some cases, these trusts can help avoid the probate process, or streamline the process significantly for any beneficiaries named in the trust.
  • Charitable trusts: Upon an individual's passing, they may choose to place their assets into a trust that will directly benefit a charity or non-profit of their choosing. Most charities recognize the charitable donations.
  • Special needs trusts: Disabled individuals can help safeguard their unique needs without interfering with any of their government benefits.

We encourage you to contact our estate planning lawyers to discuss your needs.

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