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Wills & Estate Planning Lawyers in Lancaster

Experienced Legal Guidance to Protect Your Wishes

At Thompson | VonTungeln A P.C., we are proud to have served clients in the Antelope Valley since 1977, and we have made it our work to help families find peace of mind in their:

We have worked diligently to outline plans for:

  • Your family
  • Heirs
  • Benefactors

You deserve trusted legal assistance in safeguarding those plans. Our team is comprised of Board Certified Lancaster Probate, Estate Planning, and Trust Law attorneys with the experience necessary to draft your will.

Contact our firm to discuss your wishes today.

The Four Basic Types of Wills

Considering creating a will? Would you like to specify which beneficiaries get which assets? Not sure what type you need? An attorney can guide you in finding the right type that will meet your needs. The four types of wills include:

  • Simple Wills: This will includes the individual’s name, address, marital status and instructions about their assets and beneficiaries. A witness must be present when creating this will. As long as the process is not complicated ; this will work.
  • Testamentary Trust Wills: This will includes provisions that place a portion of the estate into a trust. The beneficiaries will receive the assets through the trustee that has control over them.
  • Joint Wills: This will is commonly used for spouses who plan to leave their estate and assets to their significant other. The estate will be left to them, and when they pass it will be distributed to their beneficiaries. This type of will can’t be revoked after the first spouse passes.
  • Living Wills: This will provides detailed instructions about medical treatment while the person is alive but unable to communicate their wishes. The directions included on the will have to be followed.

If you have any questions about which will to choose that will fit your needs, do not hesitate to reach out to the Lancaster will attorneys at Thompson | VonTungeln A P.C. Call us today.

Guidance for Executors

If you have been named executor of a will, and you have questions or concerns about the legal process, or if you are in need of counsel for a dispute, do not hesitate to contact our Lancaster estate planning lawyers.

Our office helps with duties assigned to executors, including:

  • Distribution of assets
  • Insuring proper paperwork is appointed in probate court
  • Contacting individuals named in the will
  • Wrapping up outstanding affairs, debts, and bank accounts
  • Handling taxes for the deceased

Contact Our Antelope Valley Office Today

California probate law can be confusing, but working with an experienced lawyer from our firm, can help put your mind at ease. Contact us or call our team today and speak with an experienced and understanding Lancaster estate planning attorney from Thompson | VonTungeln.

We can be reached at (661) 426-2499.

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